For the past 2 years, since it aired on youtube, SS Cooking has been bringing to you all favourite recipes from South Sudan, Sudan and International dishes. With the amazing feedback and large amounts of subscribers, there have also been calls for a cookbook. 


The Cookbook is available for all to buy now, by clicking on our online store from the drop-down menu or click here .


Price: 15.99 GBP

Release Date: 13th June 2018!

Book Pages: 123



Want to get a sneak peek? have a look at our video below and see what the book has to offer. 

















SS Cooking is a cooking show that shows different recipes for South Sudanese cuisine as well as other yummy cuisines and recipes. Why not try them out on family, loved ones and dinner guests it will be a talking piece. Some of these recipes will be suitable for vegetarians. Subscribe now to be updated on our new shows and amazing recipes.​


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