World of Fun Tales Series (W.O.F.T)

Welcome to the first look at the NDD children’s productions for 2019. As well as our Princes and Princesses series, we now bring to you the Wonderful “World of Fun Tales” series. NDD Productions will be publishing hilarious and morally packed books for children from 9 years and upwards. 

Remember the tales the elders would tell us under the skies, leaving you hanging on their every word? Well we thought it was about time the next generation experience these stories!

Our first publication will be ‘Chuol and the troublesome beads” which you will be able to pre-order from next week to get it a week before it’s worldwide launch date. The other two (Poni and the forest run and Kuanyin and the stubborn cat) will be released late 2019.


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Chuol and the troublesome beads is about Chuol, a selfish friend who used others especially his 2 friends to meet his needs. When suddenly he finds himself in hot water when his friends turn the tables on him. So now he has to dig himself out of the hole he dug himself into. 

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